"One of the greatest feelings in life is the conviction that you have
lived the life you wanted to live--with the rough and the smooth, the good and
the bad--but yours, shaped by your own choices, and not someone else's."

Monday, July 2, 2012

Trust the Process

I picked this up at the bookstore in Seaside.  So often we rush our lives and are so busy looking for the next best thing we forget to "Trust the Procsss."  Myself included.  So whether you are waiting for that next big promotion, that bigger house, that lifelong partner, or lots children....remember....Trust the Process.   And while you are trusting the process....enjoy your life....right where it is at this moment.

Wishing you a Trusting Heart~

Friday, June 29, 2012

We Celebrate

Our Momma is 50 years old today.  As this is posting we are pulling into our childhood vacation spot, Seaside, Florida and getting ready to go to dinner at her favorite restaurant in the world, Cafe 30A.  To eat good food, drink good wine, and celebrate the Momma that we love and adore.

Sister and I created this list together.  It was such a memorable conversation as we remembered our childhood and how happy our lives were growing up and how happy are lives are now.  In large part due to the woman we call Momma.

These are just 50 of the reasons we celebrate her today.  

1. If Daddy is the soul of the family.....you are the heart. We love that about you.

2. You picked an awesome Daddy for us.

3. You keep our horrific clay sculptures out to this day....and at least pretend to love them :).

4. You taught us independence.

5. And that it is okay to be dependent on others at times too.

6. That you, with Daddy, insisted on dinner together every night.

7. You plan an awesome wedding!

8. Two years ago you showed us that home is not about the structure but about people in it.

9. You raised us to know money really isn't everything.

10. You gave us a love for travel and experiencing new places....

11. And to always appreciate coming home.

12. You showed us by example, how to be a good wife, but have your own ideas, beliefs, and be your own person.

13. When we came home from school. You were there. Always.

14. You showed up. To every dance recital, piano recital, band competition, and every other event in our lives.

15. You let us be who we are.

16. You made our home warm and inviting.

17. You are allowing us to spend our inheritance with you....on cool things....like trips to Italy.

18. You never expected perfection, only our best.

19. You encourage us to have a good relationship with each other.

20. You have THE BEST reaction when you catch a fish or open a present,...no matter how big or small.

21. You captured our childhood with pictures……

22. And made sure that we had memories that needed no pictures.

23. You allow us to have a wonderful relationship with our Awesome Aunt.

24. You still leave the light on when we come in after dark.

25. You not only show us you love us....you tell us....everyday.

26. You make sure we know....even today....that you don't care if we marry, or not, have children, or not, own a home or not, all you want is for us to be happy.

27. You love our pups.

28. You allowed both of us to move back home during our adult life....and even pretended to enjoy us being there most of the time!

29. You've always believed in us.

30. You taught us that life isn't always fair, all we are promised is this moment, and life really is what you make it.

31. Our home was/is always open to our friends.

32. You showed us how important and attractive it is to be a strong, confident woman.

33. You taught us.....Baseball is for girls too!

34. You encouraged Daddy/Daughter date nights.

35. You made some AWESOME Daddy Daughter Dance dresses!

36. You made sure we knew that we were both an equally important part of our family.

37. You give great advice.

38. You already love our children.

39. You make us feel special....in the coolest ways....like you and Daddy sending us flowers when we get certified as a case manager or just to remind us we are loved.

40. Even at 50, you still believe in the magic of Christmas.

41. You allowed us to miss school for fun days!

42. You taught us pride in giving 100%.

43. You let us learn from our own mistakes...and each other's.

44. You adore Daddy...most of the time ;).

45. You taught us that there is always another opinion, another view and to respect it.

46. You allow us to dream...BIG.

47. You keep us grounded.

48. You taught us to LOVE some color. In our home, in our clothes, in our lives.

49. We love that you gave us each other.

50. You love us.....fiercely.

Happy 50th Birthday Momma!  We Love you so much! ~Your Girls~

Wishing each of you a Happy Weekend Celebrating Someone You Love~

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Bucket Lists

I love my life.  And most of the time, in a really sickeningthisgirlcantbeforreal kind of way.  Sometimes though, things happen sooo fast all around me....good things to Wonderful Awesome People in my life.....that it makes me want those things too.....so much so that I forget about the wonderful things I have going on in my own little world.  The little happy things that make my corner so awesome.

Recently, I was scrolling facebook (I know Erin....the very thing you told me NOT to do ;)) I came across a photo of a Summer Bucket List that an old dance friend of Sister's posted....and I thought, well that's just the coolest thing.  I love lists....but I have never thought about making a Seasonal Bucket List.  And so....I stole borrowed her idea and I wrote down my own Summer 2012 Bucket List.  And guess what?  It reminded me that I get to create my own happiness doing the things I love....and they don't have to be elaborate or expensive.  Just Mine....not anyone else's.  So I will continue to make my own bucket lists to remind me of just that in the Fall and Winter and Spring... 

For now...I can't wait to finish crossing off the Summer Bucket List....:).....

Wishing You A Very Awesome Summer that is All Your Own!
(Thanks Emily Bowers for the Seasonal Bucket List Idea!)

Sunday, June 24, 2012

No Red Cottage Needed!

(My new *temporary* house and forever my home)

No Red Cottage Needed to Live a Red Cottage Life!  That's what I have learned in the past several months, because in January of this year I put the Little Red Cottage up for rent, accepted a new position with the State of Georgia and relocated my entire life to my hometown and yes, I MOVED IN WITH MY PARENTS (who have been sorta FABULOUS might I add ;))!

In the past several weeks I have been itching to blog and so I decided to give it a go again.  So many changes have taken place in the past year and a half and I have learned a GREAT deal.  I will share them in the coming days, weeks, and months.....so come back!

In the meantime, that first sentence, No Red Cottage Needed to Live a Red Cottage Life!, first lesson learned.  It really is a state of mind; and while there are frustrations along the way (as life goes sometimes ;)), Faith Anne and I, we intend to keep right on living a red cottage life no matter where we are.

Wishing you a "Red Cottage Life" State of Mind,

Sunday, January 23, 2011

A CupCake

"When you look at a cupcake, you've got to smile."
~Anne Byrn~

Tonight, as I was going through pictures of my cousin's wonderful wedding weekend, I was reminded of what a fantastically fun weekend it was.  And I am sure in a future post, I will share more details about it.  But tonight I have a sweet tooth and when I came across this picture I knew I had to share with you.

First of all, you should know that I love cupcakes and have had many in my day.  But this cupcake, it was heaven.  The cake was a graham cracker cake, topped with a layer of chocolate, then, instead of icing, toasted marshmellow goodness (that stuck to the tip of your nose :)) topped it off.


So tonight, I am grateful for yummy treats (and that there aren't any of these sitting around my house because they would all be eaten.....BY ME....and I am certain that would cause a tummy ache!).

Wishing you a yummy treat~